Join Periva Kural and receive His messages everyday on your phone!

With the paripoorna Anugraham of Sri Maha Periva, we have been running a daily post service called "Periva Kural" through which we are reaching out His messages and teachings to all the subscribers. This service, like every other initiative of Kanchi Periva Forum, comes to you absolutely free.

You can join us using any of the below options (Telegram Channel contains complete history of all posts made in the past as well, while WhatsApp will let you receive only from the day you subscribe).

1) Periva Kural Channel on Telegram

This is a two step process. First, install the Telegram App on your phone if you don't have it already. You may get it first from this link -
Once installed, please visit the below link on your phone to join the channel automatically:

2) Periva Kural Service on WhatsApp

First add the phone number +91-79042-02947 on your phone as "Kanchi Periva Forum". Once done, please send a WhatsApp message to this number as "Join Periva Kural" followed by your name & city. For example, "Join Periva Kural Ram Chennai". We will add you to one of the daily broadcast groups and confirm back soon.

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